You are an Individual 

Our purpose is to help you find yours

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Nothing with Welcome Back to Work is 'one size fits all', everything we do is to help you return to work tailored to your circumstances and evolves as your aspirations become clear. 

Nothing is prescriptive or rigid. You set the pace. We are always open to looking at alternative ways to offer you support and guidance. 

How can we help YOU?

 Dr Henshall recognised the position I was in and my worries for the future. She took the time to understand my position and reflect upon what my needs were both personally and professionally. She then helped propose solutions and liaised with the appraisal service and a progressive supportive practice. This enabled me to safely meet Revalidation requirements and return to work.


1:1 Mentoring

Our 1:1 mentoring can guide you in multiple directions, from boosting your confidence to exploring hidden talents and skills to take back when you return to work.

Supported Clinical Sessions

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We work closely with our network of partner practices to coordinate supported clinical sessions to ease you back into work. 

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We can signpost you to organisations that offer mandatory training and even new training opportunities to allow you to get back into practice.



We facilitate our own networking events and signpost you to specific events that are relevant to your skill set supporting you to network and explore opportunities.


Mutual Support from our Alumni

Our alumni group virtually meets weekly to offer mutual support with other clinicians who have similar experiences.

Collaborating on job searching

As we develop a deeper understanding of you as an individual we help you in finding the job that suits you.