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Welcome Back to Work


"Returning to work in the NHS feels like swimming against a vicious tide. Making headway can be really hard"

Tides in the NHS need to change so that returning doctors are valued, listened to and supported. This is exactly what we do.

How can we help?

Our ‘Welcome Back to Work’ programme is all about helping YOU explore your return to work. Based in East Anglia, we work with clinicians who have been away from work for less than 2 years. It all starts with a simple question:

‘How can we help?’

Get the ball rolling and tell us how we can help you. We are ready to support you with a personalised pathway to get back to work within general practice.
Let's Talk
When you are ready to talk 
We are ready to listen

Our Network

We have a network of people and organisations who 'get' what we talk about. They share similar values and we enjoy collaborating with them to improve what we offer.

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